Atlas of the Galilean Satellites
Paul Schenk, Cambridge University Press, August 2010

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of their discovery in January and the announcement of that discovery (Sidereus Nuncius) in March of 1610. Here you will find details about this definitive new Volume, a valuable reference & resource for the Jupiter system.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Padova and Galileo - 1610-2010 Celebration

If you have noticed that I havent posted anything here in the past two months, it is mainly because I have been preparing a big set of new videos of the Galilean satellites to support the 400th anniversary celebration here in Padova, where the actual event occurred on a cold winter night not unlike the cold weather we are having now. I sit in the cozy comfort of our hotel room this morning overlooking the cold (1°C today) train station uploading video to facebook. It will probably take the rest of the day to complete. I will have more to report tonight after the official reception for the meeting being hosted here. I am supposed to lead a tour of some large posters I contributed to the celebration. In the meantime, I post some stills below as videos continue to upload.

(watch for updates to this post!)

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