Atlas of the Galilean Satellites
Paul Schenk, Cambridge University Press, August 2010

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of their discovery in January and the announcement of that discovery (Sidereus Nuncius) in March of 1610. Here you will find details about this definitive new Volume, a valuable reference & resource for the Jupiter system.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hardcopy Arrives

"Error!  Error!  Must Sterilize . . . "
My copy finally arrived and I found an error.  Two misplaced names in the last line of the Acknowledgements.  Oh well.  This and any other errors (however unlikely) will be reported here in the sidebars.
Otherwise, I am pleased to report that the colors all came out just fine and very well done.  All figures look nice, tables laid out correctly, etc.  Enjoy!

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