Atlas of the Galilean Satellites
Paul Schenk, Cambridge University Press, August 2010

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of their discovery in January and the announcement of that discovery (Sidereus Nuncius) in March of 1610. Here you will find details about this definitive new Volume, a valuable reference & resource for the Jupiter system.

Friday, October 15, 2010

and the Crowd Cheers Wildly . . .

The Atlas has started to arrive in the USA (after being rowed over from the UK), and the first comments have been unfettered praise (yeah!).  I've posted a few of these nice words along the side column.  Alas, I must also note that at least one individual received their copy only to see its binding fail, wherein several pages came apart along the binding.  It seems there was an anomaly in the gluing process in some copies.  This was first observed in the initial shipment, and the stocks were promptly examined and flawed copies removed.  Apparently one or two such copies have gotten through.  If this should happen to your book, the proscribed remedy it to contact Cambridge Press (at immediately for a fix to the problem.  Sorry about that fellas!  I'm certainly not happy about it but am hopeful that it was discovered and fixed before any other copies were shipped.  

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